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AFCC-MN Members,


I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge members of both the Values Committee and the Education Committee who planned and presented a wonderful breakout session at the 2024 Family Law Institute. Debra Bulluck, Racheal Howitz, Erin Guyette, Carol Hornbeck, Kate Stevens, Mary Madden, and Jim Street all provided great input and ideas into a very well received session titled: An Interactive Approach to Confronting Bias and Conflict in Family Court Matters. Lambers Fisher provided an informative presentation before the panel discussion. To dispel any potential rumors that may be circulating out there, Jim’s role as a ”heckler” and my role as an “intervenor” were all planned ahead of time to illustrate the message of the complex topic. Please do not get upset with Jim for his award worthy performance.


Both the Values and Education Committees are determined to continue to provide opportunities for trainings on challenging topics not only for our members but also the greater Family Law Community.



Zak Chesson

President, AFCC-MN

Mary Madden is retiring from the Bench.

As many of you know, Mary Madden is retiring from the Bench. Please join us in celebration and recognition of her tireless and outstanding work. Please RSVP by using the link below.


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