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Invitation from the President of AFCC-MN

Hi folks,

Just want to send a more personal note inviting all AFCC-MN members to join us for our fall half-day VIRTUAL conference next Friday, September 11, 2020, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

This year’s half-day conference focuses on mental health – specifically, mental health crises and how they can manifest in family court matters. Speakers will discuss cases in which a parent or child becomes suicidal or threatens violence. Sadly, this is something I am seeing more and more frequently in my cases. I am looking forward to hearing about strategies to employ to help everyone stay safe, and what I can do to help ensure professionals working with these families are making informed decisions.

Presenters: Linda Flanders: crisis intervention and de-escalation instructor; author of Crisis Intervention 101. Deb Link: family therapist specializing in cases with high conflict dynamics, domestic abuse, and trauma. Amanda Maenner: family law attorney who has handled cases that involved murder and suicide. The Honorable Timothy Mulroony: Second Judicial District, a former Referee of Family Court (in the Fourth Judicial District), and who currently presides over cases in Commitment Court. Cost: $70 AFCC-MN Members/$140 non-members. I hope you can join us for this timely and important conference. While this is a virtual conference, we are also building in opportunities for networking and socializing, as we know these are important to our members. I hope to see you there!

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Sincerely, AFCC-MN President Jennifer E. Joseph

To AFCC-MN Membership and all MN Family Law community persons and organizations: The murder of George Floyd and the devastation from COVID-19, especially in our most underserved communities, prompted

The new Rule 114 requires ENE providers to obtain continuing education and ENE advanced trainings. The upcoming Advanced ENE Training will give team members an in-depth session on child development

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