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A special letter from Broken Places filmmaker Roger Weisberg…

I’m enormously grateful that you decided to license my documentary, Broken Places, and I hope it is resonating with your viewers. I wanted to let you know that PBS will broadcast the film on April 6th at 10pm(check local listings). Broken Places is my 33rd national public television documentary and represents the culmination of four decades of bringing PBS viewers stories of young people struggling to overcome adversity. Over the years one question emerged from all of my documentaries about children at risk: Why are some children severely damaged by early trauma while others are able to thrive? Ernest Hemingway had a powerful way of addressing this question in A Farewell to Arms where he wrote, “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Hemingway’s observation about adversity and resilience inspired the title of my film and captured the central theme I address in Broken Places. What makes this documentary unusual is that I was able to revisit a number of the abused and neglected children I profiled decades ago in order to illustrate how their early adverse experiences shaped their lives as adults. I hope you will spread the news about the upcoming broadcast with your friends, colleagues, and constituents. Please follow the link here or the button below for a “save the date” broadcast announcement to share with them. Thanks. Best, Roger Weisberg Producer/Director Broken Places Save the Date

To AFCC-MN Membership and all MN Family Law community persons and organizations: The murder of George Floyd and the devastation from COVID-19, especially in our most underserved communities, prompted

The new Rule 114 requires ENE providers to obtain continuing education and ENE advanced trainings. The upcoming Advanced ENE Training will give team members an in-depth session on child development

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