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Broken Places shared with Guardians

AFCC Board member Jordan Hart, Ph.D, and President Referee Jim Street discussing the documentary Broken Places with 190 Guardians ad litem at the Guardians’ annual training at Mystic Lake on September 5. This movie, for which AFCC-MN has the rights to show, discusses how to develop resiliency in children who have experienced high ACES (Adverse Childhood Experience Scores). Hart and Street discussed how resiliency may be fostered in family court and through therapy, and dialogued with Guardians around the state how Guardians in family law and juvenile courts can develop resiliency in children. This documentary produced by Roger Weisberg, is available through the AFCC-MN if you have ideas how we can share this information with other potential audiences in your area.

Mary Madden is retiring from the Bench.

As many of you know, Mary Madden is retiring from the Bench. Please join us in celebration and recognition of her tireless and outstanding work. Please RSVP by using the link below.

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