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Chief Justice Gildea message regarding court’s operation

The following is Chief Justice Gildea’s order regarding how the courts will operate following Governor Walz’s declaration of a peacetime emergency.  The list at the end of the order is the definitive list for what cases will be postponed.  This takes effect on Monday March 16, 2020.  Court staff will be notifying parties and counsel about cases which will be postponed. 

I have also attached Ramsey County Family Court Presiding Judge Mark Ireland’s instructions to court staff which essentially operationalizes Justice Gildea’s order in Ramsey County Family Court. I have also attached Ramsey County Civil Court Presiding Judge Thomas Gilligan’s instructions to staff for folks who handle civil (non-family law) cases in Ramsey County.

As changes occur, I will update this website to keep members up to date as much as possible.

James Street

Referee of District Court

Second Judicial District

Our President-Elect - New Developments

AFCC-MN Members, It is with both sadness and excitement that I share the following message with you all. Our President-Elect, Racheal Howitz, is stepping down from her position. Racheal is expecting a


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