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COVID-19 Family Court Recovery Plans

We have posted on our resource page under COVID-19 Resources, communications from Dakota County, Hennepin County and Ramsey County Courts about how each district is planning on operating in the near future as the courts move to reopen. If you have cases in those courts, it will be helpful to review them. In Ramsey County there is a form which is included, which you may fill out and send to the chambers email of your assigned judicial officer which will permit you to advise the court of what you think your case needs, and the capacity of the parties and counsel to access technology. Also noteworthy, is the Second Judicial District’s plan includes a suspension of any family law trials or evidentiary hearings for six months to give the court time to move through its backlog. This does not include order for protection or harassment restraining order evidentiary hearings which are being addressed separately.

It is worth noting that Presiding Judges Daly and Ireland (from the Fourth and Second respectively) will be participating in our community chat scheduled for Friday May 15. 

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Second Judicial District


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