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Debra Bullock Sworn in

AFCC-MN Chapter member Debra Bullock was sworn in by Judge Bridget Sullivan (AFCC-MN member) and sponsored by Referee Mary Madden (AFCC-MN member and former chapter President) for whom Debra clerks. Originally from Alabama, Debra graduated from the University of Wyoming. In attendance were numerous family members who travelled from Alabama, North Carolina and Maryland. Also in attendance were AFCC-MN members Alina Stevenson, Amy Burroughs and Jim Street and future chapter member Adeola Adekunle. Debra is interested in family law and will likely be a visible and important member of our family law community for years to come. Welcome Debra!

James Street

Referee of District Court

Second Judicial District

The new Rule 114 requires ENE providers to obtain continuing education and ENE advanced trainings. The upcoming Advanced ENE Training will give team members an in-depth session on child development

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