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Good News! Hennepin County Family Court Services Update

In this rough year, when good news has been in sorely short supply, I am particularly delighted to be able to share something positive:the Family Court Services team was poised to lose six positions, but instead will be moved to Health and Human Services at current staffing levels sometime in 2021.

The word on the street is that the advocacy from AFCC members and other groups made a significant difference in helping to ensure these services remain available and accessible to some of the more vulnerable families in Hennepin County. I also have it on good authority that folks who work at HCFCS are aware of our efforts and morale was buoyed by the outpouring of support for their work.

It is a powerful reminder that our efforts can and do make a difference!

A warm and hearty thank you to everyone who participated in this effort. And best wishes to everyone for a warm, safe, and relatively low-drama holiday-of-your-choice this season!

Jen Joseph President

To AFCC-MN Membership and all MN Family Law community persons and organizations: The murder of George Floyd and the devastation from COVID-19, especially in our most underserved communities, prompted

The new Rule 114 requires ENE providers to obtain continuing education and ENE advanced trainings. The upcoming Advanced ENE Training will give team members an in-depth session on child development

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