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HCFCS Needs Your Help!

Greetings Everyone! I hope this finds all of you doing as well as can be expected in these times. As we have stated in the past, Hennepin County Family Court Services (HCFCS) currently finds itself in a precarious position where the County Commissioners are looking at making substantial cuts to their budget.

At the organization level, we have already joined on in a letter with other groups to various commissioners and officials with potential influence over this decision expressing the critical loss that would result from such cuts.

That being said, there is more we can do! The Legislative and Public Policy Committee has put together a template letter for individual members (YOU…yes, YOU READING THIS) to send out to Commissioners to let them know your position on this.

Obviously this is only a template, and while very well written (tip of the cap to Deb Link), we strongly encourage that you personalize this. All of us that have used HCFCS have some story we can tell about how crucial their help has been to at least one family we have served. Whether it be the family that badly needed ADR services, but wouldn’t have been able to afford them otherwise, or the family with the somewhat precarious cultural situation where someone at HCFCS was able to think outside the box, or just the client that told you how the HCFCS provider was one of the first people that made them feel like they were finally heard. HCFCS has had a massive impact on the families we serve in Hennepin County and our own respective professions as a result of their existence and the phenomenal work that they put in.

The final vote on this is December 15, 2020, so let’s get moving on the emails. You can find commissioners here. We would encourage you to write as many as you can! Other folks of some importance are these two fellows, as they are high up in the department in which HCFCS lives: 

  1. David J. Hough, County Administrator Phone: 612-348-7574

  2. Mark S. Thompson, Assistant County Administrator – Public Safety Phone: 612-348-9050

Again, and I cannot stress this enough, HCFCS does SO MUCH for all of us and the families that we strive to serve. At the risk of sounding like Sally Struthers or Sarah Mclachlan, just 15 minutes of your time could really help them out.

Carlo Faccini and Deb Link (co-chairs Legislative and Public Policy Committee)

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