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Message from the President of AFCC-MN

Ramsey County has consolidated many various Supreme Court and Second Judicial District orders and policy interpretations about how the ocurts are responding to the pandemic in one location available at the following link:

Also, I remind you our chapter is facilitating community chats about emerging issues in family law during these times held remotely every Friday at noon. This Friday Kevin McGrath and Ben Henschel will be discussing a new model of ADR to help your clients access services while the courts are not available to handle many of the non-emergency family law issues which are important to you. Next Friday, Mindy Mitnick will be discussing how to address parenting time issues during these times. I hope you can join us.

James Street

Referee of District Court

Second Judicial District

Our President-Elect - New Developments

AFCC-MN Members, It is with both sadness and excitement that I share the following message with you all. Our President-Elect, Racheal Howitz, is stepping down from her position. Racheal is expecting a


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