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AFCC-MN Member Joseph Reid, PhD, LMFT, is working in partnership with the African American Leadership Forum and the Cultural Wellness Center to create a directory of culturally identified healers and culturally competent providers.  The directory will be available to community members to help ensure potential clients can identify and select providers based upon their cultural needs.  If you are a BIPOC provider, please see the invitation below, and please feel free to share this information with healers and mental health providers who may be interested.  


BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and POC) Healers wanted to Promote Self-care Practices and Wellness in Communities of Color. Are you a BIPOC healer with a passion for supporting the health and wellness of communities of color? If so, you’re who we’re looking for. APPLY HERE:

The African American Leadership Forum’s (AALF) 2020 Collective Impact Workstreams, the Cultural Wellness Center and Relationships LLC have partnered to create an online directory of BIPOC healers working across different methodologies that support the health & well-being of people of color! The directory is part of our commitment to supporting a vibrant ecosystem of thriving African American and IPOC families in Minnesota. Complete the form and share it among your network.

By creating this directory and filling it with healers of color, we’re providing a valuable resource needed to provide restorative healing in communities that are often impacted by injustice and historical marginalization. Healers and mental health providers of color help to de-stigmatize mental health by supporting emotional and mental wellness even in the absence of a chronic illness, they also foster a community in which access to mental healthcare and wellness tools are a priority in social justice movements and calls for change. 

This directory is a tool for supporting self-love, liberation, and the re-claiming of our whole selves as BIPOC people by utilizing the wisdom and expertise of healers of color. Culturally competent healers and mental health practitioners are crucial for helping our communities navigate the impacts of systemic racism and oppression in Minnesota and across the country. If you’re a BIPOC healer, complete the form and share it among your networks.

If you’re a BIPOC healer (culturally competent healers are encouraged to apply) complete the form and share it among your networks.

Our President-Elect - New Developments

AFCC-MN Members, It is with both sadness and excitement that I share the following message with you all. Our President-Elect, Racheal Howitz, is stepping down from her position. Racheal is expecting a


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