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Resources from Other Agencies

From time to time I hear about resources offered by other agencies that I think AFCC-MN members might be interested in. Today, perusing my inbox over morning coffee, I saw that Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health is offering a webinar on Talking to Kids about Race & Racism: Moving beyond “I Don’t See Color” in an Era of a Racial Pandemic, featuring Katherine Lingras, PhD, LP. This certainly seems timely and relevant! You can find more information about this training, as well as their fall training series, here.

If you know of an event or opportunity that may be of interest to our members, please let us know about it so we can get the word out.

Jennifer Joseph

AFCC-MN President

Mary Madden is retiring from the Bench.

As many of you know, Mary Madden is retiring from the Bench. Please join us in celebration and recognition of her tireless and outstanding work. Please RSVP by using the link below.

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