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The Minnesota Family Law Podcast

AFCC Member Tom Tuft started a podcast, aptly named “The Minnesota Family Law Podcast,” featuring a series on “Practicing in a Pandemic.”  He is talking with various members of the family law community about how the pandemic is affecting our work, and how we are responding.

Tom has already spoken with a number of AFCC members about a wide range of topics of interest.  Recent podcasts feature Lisa Spencer, Jennifer Joseph, Zak Kretchmer, Kevin McGrath and Mindy Mitnick, as well as AFCC president Referee Jim Street.  Tom is as industrious as ever, somehow posting new casts every day. 

We’ve added a link to a page where all the podcasts can be found on our resources page so you can check them out.  You can also subscribe to the series through Google Podcasts, Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you typically find your jams.

Finally, a quick reminder to if you know someone who is interested in joining AFCC, or even on the fence, please urge them to join BEFORE April 30, 2020.   *** Here is the link to Practicing in a Pandemic:


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